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Concert on lake
St. François-Xavier

'Getting out of Lockdown Celebration’
Funds will be raised for the Breakfast and Lunch Club for Morin Heights Elementary School and Lachute Elementary School. ALSFX

Giroux, Charron, Ponce At The Galerie D'art Montfort

Common Merganser & duckling


Orphan Belvedere

Fortin-Léveillé at the Galerie d'art Montfort

Hélène Fortin et Yves Léveillé, artistes
Exposition jusqu’au 27 juin 2021
Le 15 mai 2021


Ils forment un couple depuis plus de 50 ans. Ils ont fait carrière dans le monde l'éducation.

Hélène a enseigné au primaire. Elle a toujours gardé un temps pour initier les petits à la création artistique. Peintre à ses heures, elle explore la couleur dans ses créations.

De son côté, Yves a travaillé au ministère de l'Éducation à titre d'agent de développement pédagogique dans le réseau scolaire. Photographe amateur, il explore la lumière.
Il se qualifie de …bricoleur artistique !

Depuis toujours, Yves et Hélène sont bénévoles dans leur communauté.

La Galerie d’art Montfort vous offre une incursion intimiste dans les créations, sans prétention, de Hélène et Yves, amants de culture et de lecture, résidents de Montfort.

Peintures, photos, montages sur pierre, pièces de plus !

Vous pourrez échanger en présence des artistes les samedis et dimanches suivants :
Les 15-16, 22-23 et 29-30 mai ainsi que les 5-6, 12-13,19-20 et 26-27 juin 2021.
La Galerie est accessible pendant les heures d’ouverture du Pavillon Montfort de 9h à 16h (saison estivale). Dans le contexte de pandémie, nous vous conseillons toutefois de vérifier auprès du Pavillon Montfort (450¬ 226-2428) avant de vous y présenter.
*Les règles sanitaires en vigueur s’appliquent.

Dégel au lac St-François-Xavier

Premature end of the thaw during the weekend of April 10 and 11. Nearly no ice could be seen on the 12. The loon was already making the rounds; diving under the docks or ice as needed.

Roger Ponce, pastelliste

Our beloved centenarian!

The entire Montfort community wanted to celebrate Minnie (Goldstein) Johnson's 100th birthday on Sunday, February 21.

As early as January 10, one of her grandsons, Christopher Johnson, had announced his intention to put together a scrapbook as a gift for her. He invited family and friends to send him greetings, personal stories, photos and memories they would like to share. The fruit of all these efforts would be entrusted to the printer and the album would be given to his grandmother on this special day.

The response to this call seems to have been overwhelming, but we have not yet been able to access this precious tribute. On Sunday, there were still as many who had a thought or affection for their star. Just as when you send chocolates to relatives to mark a birth or other happy event, those who could be reached would receive a nice box containing a cupcake in return.

Minnie, as she is known, was all glowing on that special day as she went out to greet a few loved ones and to receive the tributes that were being paid to her in passing along. The Prefect, André Genest, and Councillor David Zgodzinski would be among them. At the top of the house's staircase, her venerable age was displayed in golden figures between the balloons that invited joy. With the cupcakes, they were gifted by her other grandson Andrew and his family.

We would have liked to be able to embrace and celebrate in her company, as we did at the Montfort Pavilion the year before, but the pandemic we are experiencing did not allow for that. Everyone seemed to hope, too, that seeing the centennial in such great shape, she would decide never to leave them...

Translated with (free version) & Linguee.

By Carl Chapdelaine

Lac St-François-Xavier

January at Newaygo

The eric johnson memorial community rink