Crossword, quiz

Crossword: instructions for use

1. You download the crossword using the link on a blue background. (It is bilingual.)
2. Follow instructions to get started (You click a box).
3. You type the word you think is right and click on ok. Your word will register in black
4. You may come back on the same boxes and click on «Solve»; the right word will register in blue.
5. Click on a new box, etc.
6. You may at any time click on «Check puzzle» to find out how you are making...

Crossword: Québec Ministers, 2018

Ministres à Québec, 2018-19 Note: Ministers family names. Cabinet

Lakes in Wentworth-Nord

Crossword: Canadian Prime Minister and Premiers

 Crossword: Executive 2013 & Lake

 Crossword: Our Trees In The Other Language

You have to translate the word you are given in English or French; that's your word.

Arbres - Trees