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Plainte de la tourterelle


2nd ditch on the Big hill

The excavation of a deep ditch with rocks, along the West edge of the hill of Route Principale, in Montfort, should prevent the overflow of water, with sediments, on the Sunny Side and Provencher streets during exceptional runoff. It will allow directing all loads to the 10 000 gallons tank installed at the foot of this big hill. The configuration to correct allowed the arrival of large amounts of sediment in the channel under the bridge of Montfort, on the West side.
Mayor Genest announced this operation at the municipal meeting on 2 October, on the occasion of a spending authorization passed by the Council of the municipality. The Department of transport had already done so on the East side of the road in November 2014, after the installation of this pit or "sand trap”. However, it was starting less high on the hill. This time, the Department authorizes but does not assume the responsibility or the financing of the work.
The operation, planned by the Director of the public works team, Mr. André-Philippe Hébert, took place last week. It took three days of work (by Réjean Beaulne excavation Inc.), with blasting, explained Mr. Joseph Licata, Deputy Director General of the municipality.
 The sand trap installedThe sand trap

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View from The Orphans’ lookout and from the Big hill

The panoramic view from the Orphans’ Trail Belvedere, on this October 10th, leads you to contemplation. The fall colors have again suddenly transformed the infinite landscape bathed in light on this sunny day. You can only be moved by the exceptional softness of this morning, as much as by the silence and the surrounding vastness. You no longer try to discover some construction on the horizon, even if the high-voltage power lines at the edge of the hills remind you of human presence, while the beauty of forms, trees, rocks, are already fully filling your curiosity. And that's not counting the benefits of exercise you had to devote to ascension.
With the shelter nearby, where you could have spent the night, the place is certainly exceptional, although obviously too little frequented. It is an incomparable recreation and tourism attraction. The place is however not easily reachable, except for the undersigned who seems to have the closest cottage. For others, there is a quite close access in the Northwest gate, between km 12 and 13 of the Aerobic Corridor; but you still have to get there. At the other end, the parking under construction, at the end of the new Lake-Thurson Road, lets you a few kilometres to climb to get your reward.
Recreational tourism promotion? How to back out now, after creating such a destination? The question should be rather to seek to get the most benefit for all, with the least inconvenience, of what has been laid out.
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Carl Chapdelaine

Deer Lake 

A start in Fall colors?

More posters!

Inauguration of W-N's little free libraries

Lake Thurson Road, branch line S-W

The impressive way, often elevated, has rock-lined ditches on great lengths to regularize the water speed in the slopes and limit erosion or the input of contaminants to the Lake. Similarly, a grassy plateau was built at the foot of some culverts.
The Lake-Thurson Road is well made to its destination, almost at the head of Lake St-François-Xavier; and residents like their visitors have been quick to use it. 
Some properties of the southwest branch of the road are already connected; the movement should grow. The Orphans and the Lake-à-la-Croix trails will be also directly accessible by this way. Well, the life of this corner of the Lake will change and the Newaygo marina will no longer be part of the equation.
The sector will inexorably be urbanized. It will see turn seasonal cottages in homes four seasons and new sumptuous houses will spread out along this road and at the sides of the Lakes it covers. But despite the imagined palliative action, the pressure on the environment of the bypassed Lakes will increase at this transformation. Once all four years minimum, or two years if you live there year-round, you'll get the visit of Sani-Nord or another to empty your new septic tank, which is why the road was ordered.

Thurston road, phase 2

The second phase of construction includes the fork in the road, about 200 m from the Lake. The two sections of the road will go along, to the East and the West, to serve the border Lake cottages.
We also see a stormwater and sediments retention basin at the edge of the road, at the bottom of a slope. In the absence of any vegetation, some barriers to sediment must hold these during the construction of the road.
The Thurston road cuts the Orphans’ Trail, unrecognizable here. This is apparently point E3 of the trail.
The East branch line is led to a dead end; a cottage and Lake are visible from this place.
While the breakup was heard for a few weeks, bare parts of the hills indicate the scope of the work and the right-of-way of the Thurston road in the landscape. A significant project close to completion, with interesting snow removal and de-icing contracts in sight… 

A Presentable Marina? 

A dozen trees felled for the benefit of three Hydro poles in 2015... It's time to fix the error and replant. If it is possible at Val Lisbourg, why not at Newaygo?

A third floret?

Photos at the Pavilion

July 26, 2017

Notreau at the Lake

Wild nature in W-N

Ah, the wild nature, on June's first Sunday afternoon. This couple from Ste. Adele is ready for the company of small black flies and should also have thier umbrellas. Enjoy your trip on the Aerobic Corridor, the Orphans’ Trail or the Montfortaine…


What a nice welcome on this first Sunday of June. The girl, in her best French, will kindly guide you towards the boat wash station. Today, you put your hand in the cage and take yourself the sprinkler gun in hand. Also, open the valve on the wall. You will even receive the pamphlet of the Association of the Lake who explains the regulation in W -N and gives you details on the generous rates in normal times. What about the sticker?

Bin nest

On Chemin des Montfortains; but we would prefer to see the back in front...

April, 23: The thaw

April 10: The Thaw

Aerobic Corridor

Thurson (Thurston) R.

Phase 2: Clearing


Big Hill: Sand & gravel