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Death of J-P Hurtubise

It was with deep sadness that Mrs. Jeannette Lalonde informed us of the death of her spouse, Jean-Pierre Hurtubise, on August 18. The eight wonderful years spent in their paradise at Lake St. François Xavier will remain unforgettable.

The Celebration of Life took place on Sunday, September 10, at Les Sentiers, in Prévost. Jean-Pierre had his ashes laid to rest near a new tree planted in his honour.

The property, at 700 Chemin de Fer, is now for sale.

Pontoon Boat For Sale

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Kitten found

Found at Lake St-Francois Xavier Saturday June 24th, 2023
a beautiful black and white kitten, maybe 2-3 months old?
If this is your kitten please contact me at:

Santé amicale <-- link

Nursing services

Tuesday morning,
at Montfort Pavilion,
9:30 am to 11:30 am,
June 13
and once a month.
Don't miss the opportunity!


Coffee Hour

Hello everyone,

Please take note of the following decision:

The "Wednesday's Coffee that usually takes place at the Montfort Pavilion will take a break for an undetermined period.
Thank you for your understanding.

Diana Jégou