Trémolos du huart à collier


Reorganization of the section

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Files, by definition, are issues to be addressed; mainly those who are in line with the action of the Association. As the content of this section and various elements of files scattered here and there have much increased from the beginning, a better grouping of this information and a more efficient way for the visitor to find what he seeks seem to become imperative.  The use of sub-sections corresponding to the "portfolios" given to our Committees of action, created more than a year ago at the Association, may appear to be an appropriate means to regroup a part of this content in the future.
Thus, sub-section "Lake Health" will bring together the bulk of elements or other related to this theme as for: water quality, sedimentation and various contributions detrimental to the life of the Lake, the protection of the shore and throughout the watershed, the environment of the Lake in general, etc., as well as links to other topics or websites.
For its part, the Committee on access to the Lake looks at the big issue of navigation, with various activities on water, the adjoining security, affluence of users, etc. Subsection "Lake Access" will try to group the elements that this Committee deals with or traceable to this theme. Other issues do not fall under responsibilities taken by the Association; nevertheless several interest our members and the community; they deserve our attention; so are: the aerobic Corridor or, more generally, the Regional park of Les Pays-d'en-Haut, roads and accesses to landlocked property, etc.
This approach, inaugurated with the Files section, could eventually lead to a more profound reorganization of the layout of the site.

Carl Chapdelaine