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Minutes of the meeting of the MRC

Extracts from the minutes of the meeting of August 11 of the MRC Council

M. Charles Garnier, prefect of the MRC des Pays-d'en-Haut, welcomed his colleagues and stresses the 30th anniversary of hiring of the Executive Director of the MRC, Me Yvan Genest, mentioning that our RCM was fortunate to count on his support and his work masterfully during these past 30 years.    (page 1)

Coalition Navigation: study on the "Wake boats" on the Lakes Masson and Des Sables:
The members of the Board of the MRC des Pays-d'en-Haut become aware of this draft study of resuspension of sediments and energy of the waves carried out at Lakes Masson and Des sables and identifying impacts to navigation in lacustrine environment.
Councillor Jean-Pierre Nepveu, Mayor of the city of Estérel, indicates that the study will be available in the month of October.    (page 3)

Pays-d'en-Haut inc. :
The Board members have a look at the economic bulletin of the Pays-d'en-Haut Inc. explaining the modalities of the dissolution of the CLD and the transfer of its mandates and responsibilities to the MRC des Pays-d'en-Haut.    (page 4)

The members of the Board of the MRC
(a) take note that the following municipalities will begin picking their organic matter in 2016, namely:
• L ' Estérel
• Lac-des-Seize-Îles
• Piedmont
• Sainte-Anne-des-Lacs
• Sainte-Marguerite-du-Lac-Masson (to be confirmed by municipal resolution)
• Wentworth-Nord.
b) request to the above-mentioned municipalities by resolution to confirm their decision in relation to the collection of organics by 2016 to the Régie intermunicipale des déchets de la Rouge (RIDR), ADOPTED      (page 11)

La Presse, 31 July 2015: blue-green algae: the Government doesn’t seem alarmed anymore:
The Board members have a look at this article of the journal La Presse from July 31, 2015 revealing that the ministries of environment and health is no more concerned over the state of lakes affected by blue-green algae.    (page 16)

Correspondence relating to by-law Q-2, R 22:
Mr. Charles Garnier, prefect, mentions receiving a letter from an owner of Sainte-Anne-des-Lacs who will have to invest some $30,000 for upgrading its septic installation, excluding annual maintenance of $1,500 following the entry into force of by-law Q - 2, R.22.  Professionals and experts in environment of our municipalities, consulted on this regulation, consider it inapplicable.
Mr. Garnier therefore suggested to his colleagues to adopt a resolution at the Council of mayors and at their respective municipalities with a request for support from the FQM, to the effect of applying to the Ministry of the environment to review its position with regard to this b-law.      (page 16)

Sector of interconnection (between P'tit train du Nord and the Aerobic Corridor):
Vélocité (following)
Deposit is made for information to the members of the Council on the progress of project Vélocité.

The Aerobic Corridor sector:
1. Regulation of traffic on the aerobic corridor: notice of motion for amendment for the shared way sector:
Notice of motion is given by the Councillor André Genest, Mayor of the municipality of Wentworth-Nord, to the effect that will be presented to a future meeting a draft regulation intended to amend the rules applicable to traffic on the Aerobic Corridor for the sector of shared way (Wentworth-Nord).
M. André Genest, Mayor of the municipality of Wentworth-Nord asked the Director-general to ensure to clearly identify the kilometers of the sector to change.    (page 18)

Dam of Montfort: overall assessment of health / stability / security:
The members of the Council having taken knowledge of the offer of services of the firm Pierre Dumas & associés ltée for the overall evaluation of health / stability / safety of the Montfort dam at Lake Saint-François-Xavier, Me Yvan Genest said would be adopted a resolution granting the contract to this firm, at a cost of $15,000.
Mandate to the firm of Pierre Dumas & Associates Ltd.
WHEREAS the dam of Montfort at Lake Saint-François-Xavier suffered significant infiltration and that solutions to the problem should be developed with caution to not worsen the conditions of security and stability of this construction; Ltd. at a cost of $15,000 plus applicable taxes;
CM 251-08-15 It is moved by Councillor Lisette Lapointe, Mayor of Saint-Adolphe-d'Howard and adopted unanimously by the Councillors present:
1. that the Board of the MRC des Pays-d'en-Haut accepts the proposal of the firm Pierre Dumas & Associates Ltd. in the amount of 15 000.00 (plus taxes) for the overall evaluation of health / stability / safety of the dam of Lake Saint-François-Xavier in Wentworth-Nord, and this, for submission of the final report no later than mid-September 2015.
ADOPTED (page 18)

Source :ût_2015.pdf


Sunk boat at the marina

September 19, 2015
Again, the Mayor has warned us that a motor boat had sunk at the marina. Raymond Noël came into contact with other residents to try to identify the owner and to prevent him that he had to deal with the situation immediately; but to no avail.  Municipal authorities therefore used the major means to get the motor boat out of the water. What will be the invoice?
Some motor boat owners have agreements with neighbors, in case of absence, to see that the level of water inside their docked left boat does not cause its flooding. The Association would like to have the coordinates of the motorboats owners on the Lake to be able to prevent such events.

Coalition Navigation: planning event


The COALITION FOR RESPONSIBLE AND SUSTAINABLE NAVIGATION wishes to you to invite you to its first planning event for Quebec to be held on Oct 2, 2015, at 10:30AM, at the Station de biologie, Université de Montréal, 592, chemin du lac Croche, St-Hippolyte, QC.  The purpose of the meeting will be to review what has been done to-date and discuss the challenges ahead.

As you may recall, the objectives of the COALITION are to 1) create an organization too big for the next Government of Canada to ignore and 2) submit to the Government of Canada science-based legislative proposals regarding controls for motor boats on Canada's waterways.

In brief, the current legislation applying to boats, The Canada Shipping Act, 1) primarily concerns the safety and the right of navigators ; and 2) is ill-suited for addressing environmental challenges. Furthermore, Transport Canada encourages voluntary codes of conduct that have resulted in the polarization of communities across the country and non-resolvable "debates."

To date studies have been undertaken on wake boat impacts by Université du Québec à Montréal and Université Laval and a literature review by Université Laval on the impacts of all types of boats in different marine environments is underway.

Our 2016 research agenda will focus on the impacts of a wide range of boat types on various types of waterways including eco-sensitive marine environments.

For more information on the COALITION you are invited to consult our web site and the attached synopsis document.

The morning session of the planning event of Oct 2, 2015 will review research, environmental, legislative, local government and other challenges regarding what has been done to-date and what needs to be done.
The afternoon agenda will entail discussions on strategies regarding 1) recruitment/communications including web site content and social media; 2) research and 3) financing/sponsorships.

The Oct 2nd meeting will begin at 10:30AM and will include a lunch covered in the entry fee of $24 plus tax. Voluntary donations will be most welcome to help the COALITION accommodate financial and administrative challenges.

For those so interested, modest rates for student dormitory accommodations are available that could include supper and/or breakfast.  Refer to the rates indicated below.

To help us make the necessary preparations for the planning event at the Station de biologie in St-Hippolyte, we are encouraging those intending to attend to notify us by Sept 18, 2015 via e-mail at

Also, should you have not already done so, we invite you to sign the online endorsements found on the COALITION web site at


Will Dubitsky, Paul Isabelle, Daniel Piché and Susan Neill of the Team Coalition

Entrance fee with lunch                                                $24.00 plus tax
Accommodations with breakfast                                $47.50 plus tax
Accommodations with supper and breakfast                $67.00 plus tax


yoga at the Pavilion?


A group of Montfort residents are attempting to reinstate hatha yoga classes at the church. If this works out, the teacher will be Dimitrios (Jimmy) Canaras, who hopes to keep cost to a minimum. Classes will be on Monday afternoons at 2pm. They will be given in French and English.

I will send more information as soon as all this is confirmed.

Christina Poole

Dredging of the channel 

The Municipality has finally got the authorization (1) from the Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs (MFFP) for the dredging of the Lake channel at Montfort. One will recall that the sand and gravel rolling down the steep hill from Rue Principale has accumulated in this passage which goes under the bridge. Mrs. R. Robitaille, Director of the Municipality Environment Department, transmitted a copy of the document to our President, added to the one on the previously obtained authorization of the MDDELCC.

There would be approximately 55.0 m3 of sediment to be removed. The Department requires that:

The period of execution of the work in the habitat of the fish be between August 21st, 2015 and September 30th, 2015.
The debris and other materials removed from the water be put outside the bank or coastal wetlands.
No machinery travels or be installed in the lake. The machinery operates from the bank and should not, under any circumstances, be traveling under the OHWL (2);
The machinery used be clean and its maintenance be carried out at least 30 meters from the natural OHWL of the lake. An emergency kit be available in case of accidental hydrocarbon spills.
A turbidity curtain be installed to contain the work area in order to avoid dispersion of fine materials until the water becomes clear after dredging.

1. For a period of five weeks and five days beginning August 21, 2015.

2. OHWL: Ordinary High Water Level.                                                                                                                                                                                C. Chapdelaine

Photos of the month


ALSFX-Yeats' corn roast; a success! 

The corn roast at Kim and Stephen Yeats place (on August, 22nd, 2015)
The evening was to begin at 5pm; but the guests had decided otherwise. While one could ask how garnish the long tables placed end-to-end in the large dining-room and which were to receive the dishes of this pot luck dinner, Kim and her aides were busy in the kitchen. Under the huge retractable awning in the back of the house and with full view on the lake, a dozen large tables with all the necessary comfortable chairs waited for the visit of the people of Montfort-Newaygo.
The first guests finally arrived while Stephen was shaking hands; soon a group had formed. Mayor Genest, Raymond Noël, President of the Association, Monique King, Vice President, had mingled in the conversation at the table.
Now guests were arriving in numbers; tables for food were getting filled up with the dishes prepared by the guests: salads and desserts soon would not let any spot of the table-cloth visible. There were several dozen; enough to feed all these people for a whole day. The big family dog walked around it and seemed to scent the bargain. Under the awning there would soon be no place free; while some would finally get their plate, their glass, their salad, their corn cob and trigger the start of the feast.
The atmosphere was enjoyable for all and everyone was talking; by this fresh and beautiful summer evening at the lake, it seemed of an excellent mood. Now one had to make his way through the crowd to replenish his plate or get his dessert. The thought of capturing the picture with the camera had drowned in my glass of wine. As to whether this event would become tradition, Kim said, "Why not?" The evening would continue well beyond the darkness; but some also had to consider taking their way or their boat back before darkness.
Bravo to the organizers and well done for the Association, now strong in well over a hundred registered members and who had seen there almost its entire Executive. Tomorrow discussions will resume... between old and new friends!

                                                                                                                                                                Carl C.


The Viking Club and the Lake residents

On the occasion of the Corn roast & Montfort sausages of the parish community and the Viking canoe and kayak Club, held at the Montfort Pavilion on Saturday, August 18, Mrs. Patricia Canty, Commodore of the Club, addressed the Lake St. François Xavier’s residents. Her message reminded us that the Club has been present at the lake for quite a number of years, and that its members are grateful for such privilege.
The Club is very keen on preserving the integrity of the Lake and on maintaining harmonious relations with its residents. Another spokesman for the Club, the former Commodore Jack Jackson, also mentioned that the club's kayaks and canoes feature its logo, making them recognizable among all those who frequent the lake. Any resident who would have any issue on the behavior of the club paddlers or any other aspect of its presence is suggested to report it to its leaders.


AGA, Ordre du jour / Agenda

July 15th / 15 juillet, 2015

Association du Lac Saint-François-Xavier / Lake St. Francois-Xavier Association
Assemblée générale annuelle 2015 / Annual General Meeting 2015
18 Juillet, 9h30 à 12h00 / July 18, 9:30 to 12:00 am
Pavillon de Montfort / Montfort Pavilion

Agenda / Ordre du Jour
Call to Order and sign-in / Ouverture de l'assemblée et enregistrement
Opening Remarks / Allocution d'ouverture du président (D. Clark) 10 Min
Approval of 2014 AGM Minutes / Adoption du procès-verbal de 2014 5 Min
Approval of Proposed Agenda / Approbation de l'ordre du jour 5 Min
Municipality Note / Mot de la municipalité (A. Genest) 10 Min
Questions on issues raised / Questions sur les points abordés 10 Min
Financial Report and Approval / Acceptation du rapport financier (E. Schell) 10 Min
Portfolio Reviews / Revue des dossiers des comités
Lake Health / Santé du lac (R. Noël for/pour J. Wilson) 10 Min
Lake Usage / Utilisations du lac (R. Noël) 10 Min
Communications / Communications (C. Chapdelaine) 10 Min
Constitution (new) / Constitution (nouveau) (Shelagh Jane Woods) 10 Min
Membership and Social Events / Membres et événements sociaux (D. Jegou) 5 Min
Discussion on reports on portfolios / Discussions sur les rapports des comités 10 min.
Executive Slate / Choix de l'équipe à l'exécutif 15 Min
Cooperative de Solidarité des 4 Pôles / Coopérative de Solidarité des 4 Pôles 15 Min
Open Question Period / Période de questions 15 Min
Meeting Closure / Levée de l'assemblée

Note : Une période de questions est prévue après (?) chaque rapport des comités.
A question period will be provided after (?) each portfolio review.


Dredging and Thurson Road

Dredging of the channel at the foot of the Big Hill, in Montfort
"It is moved by Councillor André Soucy and passed unanimously by the members of the Council that the Municipality of Wentworth-Nord is committed to keep watching the plants for a period of two years following the work and to provide to the Department a report with photographs no later than three months after the end of the follow-up period."

Environmental study, sector Thurson
Following receipt of three compliant bids and the recommendation of the project manager, "it is moved by Councillor Réjean Gosselin and passed unanimously... to grant the contract for the study of ecological characterization at Lake Saint-François-Xavier to the firm Gestion environnement MM, for a fee of $4 850 plus applicable taxes. The amounts required for this work will be devoted to Lake St. François Xavier’s borrowing by-law."

Mandate of 'validation' of a portion of the Thurson road to the firm WSP
"Whereas it is necessary, in the context of the work of planning the route of the future Thurson Road, to validate new information on the ground; it is ... passed to grant an additional work mandate in the amount of $1 700, plus applicable taxes (to the firm WSP). Amounts required for this term will be devoted to Lake St. François Xavier’s borrowing by-law."
                                                                                                                                                                                                         By Carl Chapdelaine
Source: Minutes of the meeting of the Municipal Council of May 11, 2015, at Saint-Michel.


The Coop des 4 Pôles’ kayaks at Montfort

June 18, 2015

The Coop des 4 Pôles’ kayaks at Montfort
The kayak rental service which was in operation at Lac-des-Seize-Îles would be moved at the Montfort Pavilion at the end of June. The Coop des 4 Pôles, which manages this service under the authority of the RCM, is now Manager of the Pavilion, since May 1st. The latter, as facilities nearby on the shore, the Aerobic Corridor Park, the La Montfortaine trail or the Viking ski Club trails network, are part of the Regional Park of the Pays-d'en-Haut.*
Although not being related to the set-up of this RCM’s recreational service, representatives of the ALSFX, President Dave Clark, Vice-president Raymond Noël and the undersigned have recently meet with the person in charge of such service, Ms. Chantal Ladouceur, as well as with the head  of Coop, Mr. Frédéric Hérault. Aware of the mistrust of many residents of Lake Saint-François-Xavier facing the arrival of new kayaks on this lake, we have transmitted to them many of the fears expressed, while trying to assess the benefits that might however arise from the coming of this service. 
It was clarified that, in addition to 7 single kayaks, would  be 1 double kayak, a canoe, a pedal boat, identified by the logo of the Coop, and two stand-up paddle-boards. Boats would be locked in a small container placed behind the Pavilion. Inspected and cleaned before being transferred here, kayaks, canoe and pedal boat would remain permanently at the Lake, being therefore no threat in terms of introduction of invasive species. It is, moreover, a yoga company identified by the MRC, which will use its own two paddle-boards for a course of this type of yoga on the water. Pecuniary profits from rental would allow the Coop to seek to make its activities profitable. A food counter is also in sight. A person in charge would be stationed on-site to see in the various activities.
We have above all stressed to our interlocutors so that control be made by the Coop on the use of this service and that its users be provided an appropriate code of conduct on the Lake. The transmission of our boating regulation will be part of this information, as also the prohibition to throw anything in the Lake, to use local residents’ docks or beaches, to make noise. Holding to security measures would  be part of the recommendations. Besides Mr. Raymond Noël has agreed to prepare such a code of conduct for the MRC and possibly provide some equipment for washing of boats of visitors on their own using the public dock at the Pavilion. We would like to rely on the Coop and the Viking Club to exercise control of all users entering Lake by this entry, even if few legal means are currently available for this purpose. The production, by the MRC, of a brochure distributed to all users and available in the Pavilion would also be an invaluable tool of awareness at their attention.
Finally our president suggested to our partners to come to our AGM to make the presentation of their services and to answer to questions from the audience. That being said, we have stated that our association was officially only representing its members and that it was to the RCM and the Coop to inquire with the residents of their concerns. To this end, the RCM agreed that it might be right to seek the views of residents, to consult with the Association, and to use the views collected to modify its terms of service, as appropriate.
Carl Chapdelaine


Article; Journal des Pays-d'en-Haut

Proud of our … watercourses 

June 18, 2015
A program of the Federal for the 150th anniversary of Confederation and addressed to non-profit organizations as to non-profit co-operatives has chosen the theme "Proud of our parks, trails and waterways" for one of its two components. But the deadline to present a project is already on our doorstep: 26 June 2015 (5: 00 p.m. EDT).

Budget for the orphans

June 18, 2015

Orphans’ trails network - tender from Projet-Enviro: At the ordinary meeting of the Council of 9 March 2015, held at Laurel, it was "moved by Councilor André Soucy and adopted unanimously by the members of the Council to accept the offer of service received by project-Enviro, for the lump sum of one thousand two hundred and ninety-five dollars ($1 295), plus applicable taxes, for the realization of a budgetary assessment of the infrastructure to be carried out through the operational part of the orphaned land development plan, from the 2015-2020 intervention plan, in Wentworth-Nord." *
In addition, at the meeting of 8 June, held at the same place, contracts were given for technical analyses in relation to the realization of the « Thurson Road».
* Extract from the minutes and approximately translated.
Proud of our watercourses                                                                                                                                                         C.C.


Échos des clochers - Summer 2015

June 2nd, 2015

The Coopérative des 4 pôles, in charge of the Montfort Pavilion since May 1st, announces its summer activities in the Municipal newsletter. It is known that the MRC and the co-op are preparing the transfer of the rental of kayak service, from Lake des Seize Îles to Lake Saint-François-Xavier, as soon as this season. The service will provide ten boats which will include a pedal boat and a canoe.
You can paddle for one hour for $ 10 or rent for the day. Initiation activities will be added to this service. 
The co-op also announces the resumption of the activities of the Sixteen Islands Lake shuttle for June 24th. The long and panoramic tour across the Lake is always at $ 6 an outward trip.
Échos des clochers also details the changes in the administrative team of the Town Hall.  Mr. Joseph Licata, former Director of the P'tit Train du Nord, succeeded Mr. André Lord as Deputy Director General; the latter taking a well-deserved retirement.
Mr. Stéphane Legault, a newcomer, replaces Ms. Danielle Thibault, as Director of the Department of community life, leisure and culture. The latter will also retire, after having already come back from retirement. The new Director announced that the work on the Laurel-Montfort trail project, which will join the Orphans’ trail, will be completed soon and that it will be open to the public at the beginning of July. The route of the trail will be published on the Municipality’s website, adds Mr. Legault.

Source: Wentworth-Nord's website

tourist guide 2015-16

June 2nd, 2015
The new official Tourist Guide of the Laurentians, 2015-2016, is now available. Always free, it is of more than 160 pages. Here is the link to the electronic version.

W.-N.'s Environment Services - Lake Associations Meeting 

Montfort Pavilion, April 25, 2015 (telegraphic report)

1. Navigation on our bodies of water (SQ’s nautical patrol; for the MRC des Pays-d'en-Haut)

4 specialized Agents.               
Numerous lakes and visitors to W.-N.               
Equipment in good condition on board (depending on the nature of the boat): flashlight, whistle, an approved and proper size jacket, per person on board or in the water, (the old one absorbs water), rope and buoy, oars, anchor, bailer, driver’s licence (not required for electric motor), photocopy of registration (9.9cv +), fire extinguisher, etc.               
Good practice: Variety of signs on lakes confuses visitors. At Lake St - Fr.-X., Federal buoys; but small rafts may be confusing.                 
Agents cannot control all lakes and are rather looking at prevention. On their arrival at a lake, they strive to be thorough.               
Nautical signs: unclear regulations; various levels of jurisdiction. Indicate obstacles, submerged rocks, etc. (concerns Lake St - Fr.-X.!).               
Alcohol and cell phone at the helm: legal; drunkenness of the driver: illegal.               
Growing number of crafts.               
Towing (ski, etc.): need monitor and places on board.               
Fishing: not really of their jurisdiction; but will report to designed services. 

Pedal boats, canoes, etc., must have jackets and appropriate equipment. But if the jacket is worn, the equipment is not necessary.               
Inspection and washing of the of the SQ’s boat? Oops! Only after passing through infested Lake... Needs to be revised?               
The SQ does not control access to the Lake; but may intervene if the noise bothers or if not allowed trespassing is done on private property.               
How to determine darkness is on? This is according to different laws; the criminal law defines night as beginning at 9 p.m. Other law may be chosen.               
Can certain practices be banned on the Lake? It is mainly under jurisdiction of Transport Canada and therefore very complicated...               
Fireworks that bother? We can intervene if the neighbours are complaining about the noise. In practice, only warnings.               
First aid: Not under jurisdiction of the SQ 

2. Control of aquatic invasive alien plants (Presentation by Ms. Denise Cloutier and Mr. André Philippe Hebert, Laurel Lake Association)             
Study by Biofilia, in 2012: paid by the municipality of Lake des Seize Îles. The Lake is the bridge between this municipality and Wentworth-Nord; very informative study.
                Lac Laurel
                Google viewer       
Lake Laurel has a large watershed, but is not at head of the one it is included in.               
Eurasian Watermilfoil came from Lake des Seize-Îles, upstream.               
Infested area limited, but, despite intervention, multiplied by 3 in three years.               
Installation of homemade buoys made to show limits of infested areas.               
Preventive measures: Visual Inspection of the crafts.               
Control methods (need permission of the MDDELCC as appropriate):
                Weevil (Lake Superior: not conclusive).
                Mowing: risk of dispersion.
                If artificial lake; lower the water level (empty lake?)
                Permeable benthic barriers (carpet extended on infested areas); jute (successful but expensive: $ 52 000), fiberglass, geotextile. Lot of manpower needed.
                Grubbing: case of Lake Laurel (pilot project).
                Signs, etc. for infested areas. 
                Control access to the Lake: ($ 30 at Lake Laurel). Auto-inspection is favored; they trust the captain’s word. Eventually identification vignettes.
                Awareness works with time; but not with everyone.
                Code of ethics at Lake Laurel.

How to identify invasive species? Tool «Sentinel».             
Lifetime of an infestation? We don’t know the cycle of the plant: 20 years? 50? Cannot wait and see Eurasian Watermilfoil covering the whole lake. 

Miscellaneous notes:
For watersheds map: not working .               
Soon identification of landform and bathymetric survey by drone, in any season. No more need of work on the field or on the water. 

Host: Director of Wentworth-Nord's Environment Services: Mrs. Raphaëlle Robitaille
Partial report by Carl Chapdelaine, Lake Saint-François-Xavier’s Association 


Meeting of the Council of February 9, 2015

April 10, 2015

Purchase of two used containers

Two used and repainted 20-foot containers are purchased by the municipality, at the cost of $3 025 each, plus taxes. Montfort fire station receives one "for the storage of equipment of summer and winter trails maintenance, as well as buoys in service to the Lake St-François-Xavier’s Association.

A urban planner on the issue of sanitary installations
The extra work on the issue of the conversion of sanitary facilities for no-road access houses at Lake Saint-François-Xavier and the on-going realization of the Thurson and Sunny Side roads necessitated the hiring of a project manager. Mr. Éric Massie, urban planner, has been hired as such. He will help the management of studies and projects required for the construction of these roads and the "upgrading of the sanitary facilities in these sectors, as well as in Docmanov’s, Chapdelaine’s and Rycroft’s sectors".

The sampling station of W-N on the Rivière du Nord’s watershed
Council renewed the agreement of 2011 with Abrinord to maintain the sampling station # M14 - West River, located near Route Principale and the Lake Louisa road, in Wentworth-Nord. The sampling is used to evaluate the presence of fecal coliforms, suspended solids and total phosphorus. The agreed $1 000 expense is authorized.

Management contract for the Orphans’ trail network by the Coop des 4 Pôles
Council accepts the offer of services of the Cooperative "for the management of the operations, maintenance and development of the trails of the network...", for an amount of $18 790 + taxes.

Balance of the grant from Hydro-Québec for the Orphans’ Trail
In 2012, the Hydro-Québec Foundation for the Environment granted $81 700 'for the carrying out of an interpretive trail at Lake Saint-François-Xavier’.  Considering that the work for which was given the grant is completed, the Municipality gives quittance to the Foundation, subject to receipt of the $44 935 still owed. It also sends the Foundation its thanks for this invaluable financial contribution.

Carl Chapdelaine, April 10, 2015

Source: Minutes of the Council of Wentworth-Nord’s session of February 9, 2015


Emptying of septic tanks by sewage pontoon boat

April 3rd, 2015

Septic tank emptying, by pontoon boat equipped with a tank, is now available in the region. 
However, it takes on a group of residents to eventually enjoy promotion days. When the prices of such service are given, elsewhere in Quebec, they are in the order of $ 500 minimum by emptied septic tank.  Prices vary depending on, among other things, the type of septic tank.
The ALSFX has not yet chosen to get involved in the promotion of a private company and cannot therefore serve here as an intermediary between its members and the company offering the service.


Corridor and La Montfortaine to the Coopérative des 4 Pôles 

Pays-d’en-Haut’s Regional Park (Aerobic Corridor sector)

At its session of February 10, 2015, at the Town Hall of Piedmont, the MRC Council adopted a resolution giving the management of La Montfortaine’s hiking trail and of the Montfort’s recreational and community Pavilion to the Coopérative de solidarité des 4 pôles, for a period of three years.
The cooperative already manages the Orphans’ Trail, whose access is completely free. It also invites snowshoers and skiers to enjoy immediately the rustic style shelter opened this winter, close to the belvedere



Meeting of the MRC, Agenda

Session du 10 mars 2015
A) Ligne 120 kV
B) Une ville, des histoires / TV Cogéco
A) Rapport d'activités
B) Lac-à-l'Épaule sur le développement économique (24 mars 2015) à la Place des citoyens à Sainte-Adèle : rappel
A) Rapport d'activités du coordonnateur à l'aménagement (André Boisvert)
B) Conformité au schéma d'aménagement
1. Estérel : règlement no 2014-629
2. Sainte-Adèle : règlements nos 1200-2012-PU-3, 1200-2012-Z-9 et 1200-2012-Z-10
3. Piedmont : règlements nos 757-42-15 et 761-07-15
C) Modification du schéma d'aménagement – Règlement no 305-2015
1. Compte-rendu de l'assemblée de consultation publique (9 mars 2015)
2. Adoption du règlement
D) Congrès des aménagistes régionaux du Québec (22 au 24 avril, à Québec) : autorisation d'y participer
E) Programme d'aide financière aux MRC : rapport 2014
F) Rapport d'activités du conseiller en environnement (Joël Badertscher)
1. Éco Entreprises Québec (EEQ) : présentation relative au calcul des compensations
2. Attestation de conformité
3. Rapport consultation ICI
A) Chargée de développement rural (Alison Drylie)
1. Rapport d'activités
2. Pacte rural 2914-2015 : ratification des recommandations du CCO
B) Chargée de projets – Urbanisme et patrimoine, VVAP (Ana Manescu)
1. Rapport d'activités
2. Mise en valeur des archives : état du dossier
C) Chargée de développement récréatif (Chantal Ladouceur)
1. Rapport d'activités
A) Corporation du parc linéaire Le P'tit Train du Nord
1. Démission de M. Joseph Licata
2. État de la situation



February 19, 2015
The first lac-à-l’épaule was held in that remote Quebec Lake fishing camp where the Lesage’s government had decided to launch an election on the nationalization of electricity; it now often designates a planning session in some kind of isolated, green and invigorating place…
Knowing that the Centre local de développement (CLD) of the MRC des Pays-d'en-Haut must be dissolved, after the cut or the transfer of its operational grant by the Government, the RCM has created, at its meeting of January 13, the 'Economic Committee’ of the MRC des Pays-d'en-Haut. This Committee will be composed largely of elected representatives (of mayors) of the RCM.
Following a suggestion by the Director of the CLD, Mr. Stéphane Lalande, the Council decided «to hold an economic planning session bringing together elected officials and organizations related to the economic sphere, with the aim of addressing the MRC des Pays-d'en-Haut’s economic challenges of the coming years». This ‘Lac-à-l’épaule' will take place at the Montfort Pavilion on March 10, in the morning of the day when is held the Assembly of the Council of the RCM in the same place. Unlike for the session of the Council, to which the public is admitted, the prefect has not yet allowed the latter to attend the Lac-à-l’épaule.

Carl Chapdelaine


On the Multifunctional Sports Complex 

February 18, 2015
"the Council of the MRC des Pays-d'en-Haut proceeded in hiring of Mr. Pierre Montreuil in the position of project manager in step two (2) of the (RCM’s) multifunctional sports complex project, to achieve a PTF (functional and technical program) including:
proceed in the assessment of the areas required for the realization of the sports multifunctional complex project;
develop a preliminary programme of construction;
proceed in a preliminary analysis of the construction costs;
establish the capacity of the different levels; this computing of the capabilities will be used in the preparation of the business plan in a later step.
determine the dimensions required on the basis of capacity;
identify recent constructions of similar sports facilities; organize tours and meetings of managers;
establish the list of required equipment and determine the cost of acquisition;
develop the financial package for the construction of the multifunctional complex;
validate the PTF (functional and technical program) and the financial arrangement."

For better understanding in the negotiation with Mont Saint-Sauveur Internationale, regarding the acquisition of the land in the vicinity of Highway 15, near the Mont-Gabriel in Ste. Adèle, the Council mandates its Director-general, Me Yvan Genest, to seek professional services.

Carl Chapdelaine



a cougar at the lac?

February 13, 2015

"It appears that there is a cougar that stands around the Corridor and our homes!"
True or false, it is interesting enough to be noted. Bears, wolves… and now a mountain lion? After ten years at the Lake, I had not yet seen a beaver; and I am now surrounded by a more diverse fauna than at the zoo of Saint-Félicien, but without yet the presence of any barrier... The small imitation of Schnauzer I was taking care of on occasion could well be afraid to follow me in the forest via the Aerobic Corridor; but what animal did it so much fear?
Derek Seaman, who lives on rue du Chemin-de-fer, explains the short story. Two men would have seen footprints of a big cat in the surrounding area. For hunters, no doubt, it can be nothing else but a cougar. But do not really expect to closely see this as unobtrusive as rare animal.
While thought have been exterminated, it appears that the cougar, also known as puma, still does exist in Quebec. There is irrefutable evidence of the presence of individuals of the North American subspecies as of that of the South American one. Hair of these two types of cougar was collected on rubbing posts, in the Gaspé Peninsula. Its coat is red brown. A cougar was found killed by a car in the Laurentians and one in the Eastern Townships. One was shot in Abitibi. A resident of Fortierville, East of Bécancour, has filmed one in his village, in 2007*. However, some still prefer seeing there animals which have escaped from zoos or private properties.
On Wikipedia, the male is given to weight from 53 to 72 kg; the smallest kind evolving around the Ecuador and the larger in Patagonia as in the Rocky Mountains. Not to be easily taken for a big cat, a lynx, a deer or other animal, as it is often the case.
If you are the one, as some Americans contravening to by-laws, who has a cougar as a pet, please, keep it on a leash at the Lake...

Carl Chapdelaine


The Échos des clochers

13 février, 2015

Dans son «Message du maire», Monsieur André Genest démontre et dénonce à la fois l'impact des coupures budgétaires imposées par le gouvernement actuel à Québec. Ces coupures ont touché les MRC et donc les municipalités constituantes; elles ont aussi amoché diverses structures et programme régionaux. D'autres charges sont également abandonnées aux municipalités; le coût d'utilisation des services de la SQ a ainsi explosé, souligne le maire. La municipalité se félicite d'avoir, malgré tout, réussi à limiter la hausse du compte de taxes de 2015 à 2,78 %.
On souligne le vingtième anniversaire d'entrée au Conseil municipal du maire Genest et du conseiller Réjean Gosselin. M. Yvon Paradis reste le doyen, avec 33 ans au Conseil. La MRC félicite également le maire pour cet anniversaire dans les journaux locaux.
Il y a aussi un gros dossier sur la base de plein air Bon départ, de la Fondation Bon Départ Canadian Tire; c'est l'ancienne base de plein air Perce-Neige, un joyau de la municipalité.
Les Échos présentent une foule d'informations et d'articles qui devraient plaire aux résidents de la municipalité, du moins, comme pour les ordres du jour des sessions municipales ou autre, à ceux de langue française

Le journal des Pays-d'en-Haut/La Vallée

Les Échos des clochers, Hiver 2015

a guide on lakes (CRE)

3January 30th, 2015

A financial assistance of $ 40,000 was attributed to the Conseil régional de l'environnement des Laurentides (CRE) by the ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques (MDDELCC), for the realization of this guide. The announcement made on January 22, on behalf of Minister David Heurtel by his colleague, Mr. Pierre Arcand, as Minister responsible for the Laurentides Region, described the project as being the development "of a guide of the best approaches for the protection of the Lakes of Quebec".
The working out of this guide is not in its first phase as it resumes the essence of a "directory of structuring approaches for the protection of lakes in Quebec». It is «from the analysis of programs and projects registered in this directory» that the CRE will produce its guide. The 'best approaches' privileged in this work, which have been identified in Quebec or elsewhere, "will be carefully detailed... and may serve as references”.
The guide will first serve all CREs and watershed agencies. It will be also widely distributed to those involved in these matters, clause underlined in the granting of Government contribution. This assistance is part of the 2007-2017 blue-green algae intervention Plan.
                                                                                                                                                                                                         By Carl Chapdelaine


Répertoire de démarches structurantes


Municipal environmental fund

January 9th, 2015

A citizen, has acknowledged having carried out work on the bank of a watercourse without obtaining certificate of authorization in advance, having thus contravened the provisions of section 578, for which the planned fine... is of $ 500. Following his request, an out-of-court settlement makes him "committed to pay the amount of the fine of $ 500 in an environmental fund of the municipality and to proceed at the renaturalisation of the environment prior to June 15, 2015. $227 of legal costs incurred by the municipality will be added to the invoice; while the municipality will have to "establish an environmental fund by regulation”.
Taken from the minutes of the meeting of the municipal Council of 10 November 2014, held at Saint Michel.

 C. Chapdelaine


The future of the CLD des Pays-d'en-Haut

January 9th, 2014

Members of the MRC des Pays-d'en-Haut’s Council have followed the recommendations of the Committee for advice on the future of the CLD des Pays-d'en-Haut. The creation of this Committee followed the transitional fiscal pact with the municipalities, adopted by the Government of Quebec. This pact gave to the MRC, among others, 'authority in local economic development and entrepreneurship support matters'; all in being 'accompanied by a 55% cut in government assistance to do so'.
The Council shall adopt, among others, the following recommendations:
"Maintenance for 2015 of the annual share from the MRC ($503 174), paired to the Government subsidy for a total amount of $638,000 in 2015".
'The closure of the Piedmont’s Office of tourist information on January 5, 2015, and that of Sainte-Adèle on August 15, 2015.'
" The eventual integration of the services of the CLD to those of the MRC with a rationalization of staff"...
"Wages: a) MRC: continuation of increases and adjustments;                           b) CLD: salary freeze for 2015".
"Closing of business on Friday afternoon."‐ "All employees (MRC or CLD as well) must perform their work week of 32.5 hours in 4 days and a half. '' On Friday afternoon, the offices will be closed."
"Against: André Genest, Mayor of the municipality of Wentworth-Nord." Councillor André Genest votes against this resolution, being of the opinion that the MRC should contribute an amount no higher than the government funding."
Taken from the minutes of the general meeting of the Council of the MRC des Pays-d'en-Haut, on 26 November 2014.

Par C. Chapdelaine


Shared way of the Corridor

January 10th, 2015

"Correspondence of the MTQ's concerning shared way:
Council members examined the correspondence of the Department of Transportation of Quebec, reminding the Municipality of Wentworth-Nord that the Department does not intend to officially accept as a road the shared way of the Aerobic corridor located at Lake Saint-François-Xavier in Wentworth-Nord." On the other hand, the MTQ is open to regularize the situation of border lake owners with built properties along rue de Chemin-de-Fer who are using the Aerobic corridor.
According to Mr. André Genest, Mayor of Wentworth-Nord, this position of the MTQ remains however unclear with respect to new construction and he asked the Director General to evaluate the consequences. The possibility of including a clarification in this regard in the MRC des Pays-d'en-Haut’s planning and development scheme is looked at.»
Taken from the minutes of the general meeting of the Council of the MRC des Pays-d'en-Haut, on 26 November 2014.

 C. Chapdelaine